Learn How to Understand What Your Body Is Telling You

Do you want to feel happy, on purpose and free of stress?

Is worrying having an effect on your physical and mental health?

Do you want to learn how to love passionately, while still holding a healthy boundary yourself?

Are you ready to throw out all the guilt and all the rules that are holding you back from better health, career and relationships?


What you really want is to be able to let go of all the indecision and insecurity and create a healthier body, a better business/career and mind blowing connections in relationships. You know you’re smart enough, you understand how to create better health, and people would refer to you as a really nice person.


So what gives? Why do you feel that you keep trying so hard but can’t attain the level of success, income, physical and mental health you desire? And why can’t you get the respect you feel you deserve in relationships?


It’s simple: you’re suffering from good girl syndrome.


All of the guilt, self-sabotage, and indecision makes you question if you’re worthy of having the life you truly desire. Sometimes you may even tell yourself your unsure if you deserve it. It’s this underlying pattern that’s keeping you stuck and not creating the freedom and happiness you crave.


It’s time to start putting the value on you and stop letting your good girl rule your world. Because though it has good intentions, it’s creating unnecessary stress and suffering and stopping you from being clear about who you are, how you feel physically, and what you have to offer the world.


And that’s where I can help…


In order to stop living in the shadow of the good girl and start committing to allowing a breakthrough in your confidence, belief, and your abilities you need a plan and support.


When you know what you want and understand where you’re going you can do anything! Like help your body heal, build that business, lose weight, and create fulfilling relationships and much more!


With much love,


Skinny Girls and The Lies We Tell About Them

Skinny Girls and The Lies We Tell About Them


I have always been a skinny girl. It was never through starving myself or working out like crazy, it’s just who I am.

And yes there was a time that I gained some weight, but once I resolved the underlying issue I went back to my normal body weight, which is skinny.

I find it difficult to admit or talk about that openly because there seems to be such disdain for skinny women in our culture. Before you stop reading this because you think “What is she talking about? All the models are skinny…” and “That’s what the media pushes on [...]