You Don’t Have To Share Your Story

The more I go onto social media lately, the more stressed I feel.
I am hearing this over and over again from clients, friends, and I even think it at times myself.
I have been through a lot these last few years.
I’ve learned a lot, but seriously I have been in total life upheaval a few different times in a short period of time, not to mention some pretty serious medical issues along with the life upheaval.
Basically I have walked through the fire a dozen times now, made it through and was thinking lately that I should share what I’ve learned.
I know people would benefit.
As I had that thought, I knew it just didn’t feel right.
You see I don’t feel the need to tell my story right now. We all read dozens of stories daily on social media. I applaud the people who share because I am assuming that feels right for them.
I get the sense though, that some of us are sharing because we feel that’s what we’re supposed to do.
When I asked myself what I was supposed to do, the answer was loud and clear: connect.
I want to talk to people more, I want to hear more about them, I want to share about my family.
I think the true way we heal ourselves is connecting with others. Story or no story.
It’s how we get comfortable we ourselves.


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