Guilt Be Gone: : Shed Perfectionism and Gain Freedom

In this signature talk, Laura shares about how her transformation from a shy, worried, guilt-ridden, perfectionist didn’t happen overnight. Rather it was a slow process that happened over time in correlation with different health and personal struggles. When she decided to let go of the good girl that weighed her down with rules about the right thing to do, she learned to become the confident, happy, unstoppable force she is today. Smart and successful on the outside with low self-esteem on the inside is how should would have described herself years ago. This changed when she learned to take all of her challenges and turn them into incredible opportunities. She was able to make her entire life shift which meant better health, relationships, and an irresistible sense of fulfillment in her business.


Three Steps to Create Better Well-Being

Do you eat well and work out but you still find there is a missing link in creating a feeling of optimal well-being?

Do you want to eat well and work out but don’t feel you have the time?

You work hard, workout, and you eat really well. You’re doing all the right things yet wonder why you don’t feel satisfied with your overall well-being. If you’re feeling stressed, lacking energy, looking for more time in your life, or overwhelmed by what you have to do, not what you want to do, this workshop is perfect for you.

Even if you’re not eating well or working out this workshop will get you into action to start moving towards better well-being in your life.

You can create better well-being in your life with just a few simple changes.