One Simple Step To Heal Stress Addiction

Are you feeling stressed? Who hasn’t?

It’s a natural part of life.

Where it becomes unnatural is when we pull our hair out in frustration trying to make things not stressful.

I did that very thing for so many years.

It went like this:

Stress happened.

I immediately tried to fix it. By fix it I mean dumped a million more things on my plate in an effort to “improve” myself or my situation.

And guess what that lead to?

More pressure, more stress, and an unhappy body.

I lived in a stress cycle. I was addicted the stress. I didn’t know there was another way.

Then I discovered this one thing…

I simply asked myself:

What is the least stressful thing I can do right now?

It could be a thought or action.

The intent is to create of a space where less stress lives.

Where effort is not measured.

Where healing comes from what you do with the stress you are presented with.

It becomes it’s own habit: learning the path of least stress.

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