Why Figuring It Out Yourself Is Never A Good Idea

I was at a get together with a group of women I know, it was a fun time with lots of laughing and food.

I was talking to a woman I adore about her kids. She was sharing that when it come to her kids (she has 5 of them), her philosophy is figure it out yourself. This was in reference to her 4 year old.
Let me first say I am not here to mommy bash, but probably the last thing a 4 year old can do is figure out a problem with her friend or sibling by herself. By nature, kids of that age don’t have the reasoning ability to sort out their feelings and express their needs, so obviously conflict resolution is not something they are capable of. I kept that to myself though and enjoyed the rest of the day :)
It did get me thinking… we as adults hold this same mentality.  We think we can figure it all out on our own.  
Asking for help means:
We don’t know what we’re doing.
We’re not intelligent.
We’re needy.
We can’t make decisions.
We can’t take care of ourselves .
I’m sure you can add a ton of other things to the list.
All of these negative bits of crap that we have around asking for help, gets in the way of our BELIEF that we can actually do something.
To get what you really want in life you will need to ask for help. It may come in the form of mentoring, coaching, house cleaning, childcare or anything else that you need assistance with.   


When you are looking to make the big changes in life, seek out the RIGHT PEOPLE.
I can not stress this last point enough. Too often we seek help from people who are in no position to guide us.  
Be very careful who you ask to help you on your journey.  
Your life and deepest desires shouldn’t be water cooler talk. Even people in your life who seem trustful may not be wise counsel.
Trust your most intimate life challenges with those who you have seen walk the path you are on. Who you have watched show kindness and compassion when handling other people’s feelings.  Someone who does not have an agenda of their own when advising others.  
No one is perfect, we all have our days, but steer clear of those who seem to talk the talk well, but you see no evidence of positive results in their own lives.
Doing it alone will get you nowhere fast or you may get to your desired destination but be too exhausted to enjoy it.
Don’t let that be your story.
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