Get Rid Of Anxiety By Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style

I spent a lifetime going against my nature.
I’ve also been the quiet yet strongly independent type.
I knew my true nature but spent a lot of time wondering what was “wrong” with me. I wanted to live my life my way and think the way I wanted to think, but I also wanted people to like me. I wouldn’t admit that I needed acknowledgment or support though.
Do you see the disconnect?
I wasn’t living in my true nature. I was forcing myself to be what I was not because I thought I needed the security of acceptance.
I forced myself in relationships, friendships and careers because I thought I had to have the security.
That force created all kinds of issues in my life and left me feeling depressed and anxious most of the time.
The problem isn’t in seeking love and acceptance from others.
The problem lies in not following your true nature, recognizing how you are not following your feelings.
I am not talking about the kind of feelings that you keep you in an emotional tailspin.
I am talking about your natural leadership.
The feelings you need to follow lie in your intuition. Your natural way of being that you leave at the door when you go out every morning.
When we follow our natural leadership things like worry, doubt and anxiety no longer attach themselves to our bumper. We ride free in body and spirit.
Most importantly we free the part of us that can give us the success we so deeply desire. The authentic success that comes from our own uniqueness
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