Five Weeks to Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin Home Study Program

If you’re not getting the results you want in life, it’s because your good girl is telling you how to be, think, and feel.

Think your ‘good girl’ isn’t running the show in your life? Think again…

You’re not alone… As women we are socialized to please.  Some of us people please or try to perfect ourselves as a way to feel in control of our lives. Even if you are the BOSS LADY on the outside, chances are you’re controlling lots of stuff on the inside and not getting the results you really DESIRE and DESERVE. Find out more here

Private Coaching Program

Are you seeking to…

Learn how to assert yourself in your business, career, health, or relationships.

Make decisions quickly with clarity and confidence.

Commit to a life plan that will allow you to give yourself what you truly deserve without guilt.

End the self-sabotaging behavior that keeps you stuck in your professional life,  your health, and relationships?

It is all possible. When you learn to let go of the good girl rules that are telling you the way things have to be, it frees you to create a powerful plan to do, be, and have what you want.

In this three month program you will:

Get clear on the thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. I know on the outside it all looks good but inside you know you’re not thriving. You keep feeling like you can do more and be more. It’s frustrating to feel like you can’t get it right regardless of how hard you try.

Identify how your good girl is ruling your life and ruining your mental and physical health. There’s a reason she’s there and she thinks she’s helping, but it’s not working. So it’s up to you to recognize what parts of her need to be removed from your daily life so you can move forward with a sense of freedom. I’m here to help you with that.

Create a plan to help you commit to letting go of self-sabotaging behaviors and indecision that keep you and your greatness from the world. This plan will come from the powerful part of you that’s been waiting in the wings for exactly the right time to flourish. The thing is there isn’t a right time, it’s always been there waiting for you when you are ready. We will create a daily and monthly plan to help you achieve your goals and feel good in the process. No more stressful force actions that leave you frustrated. It’s all about creating a commitment based on what is free and effective at the same time.

This program consists of:

3 60 minute calls per month

1 20 minute strategy call per month

Unlimited email and text support to keep you focused and accountable in meeting your goals. Also, just to give you a mental pick me up as needed J


VIP Immersion Days

If you know exactly what you want to do and need help creating a plan and new mental perspective on getting it done, of VIP day is perfect for you!

If you need a:

  • a health improvement plan
  • business plan or career change
  • a change in the way you show up in your relationships

A VIP day can give you the motivation and inspiration to get started. You will continue to be engaged in your life because you have learned how to commit in a way that’s right for you.

In this one day three-hour session you will:

Get clear on specifically what you want to achieve and why you want it.

Remove the mental clutter that’s holding you back

Create specific plan geared towards you and your strengths and develop strategies to implement your plan.

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