5 Weeks to Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin


If you’re not getting the results you want in life, it’s because your good girl is telling you how to be, think, and feel.

Think your ‘good girl’ isn’t running the show in your life? Think again…

You’re not alone… As women we are socialized to please.  Some of us people please or try to perfect ourselves as a way to feel in control of our lives. Even if you are the BOSS LADY on the outside, chances are you’re controlling lots of stuff on the inside and not getting the results you really DESIRE and DESERVE.


If you find yourself:

  • In a “great” career, but not satisfied
  • Feeling the need to fix and micromanage the people and circumstances in your life
  • Saying you don’t have the money, when deep down you’re afraid to invest it in yourself or you’re spending it on the wrong things to feel better
  • Suffering from chronic pain, body image issues, or anxiety that keeps stepping in the way of being comfortable in your own skin

Then this program is a perfect way to end the perfectionism, self-sabotage, and isolation that is keeping you from being happy.


In this home study program you’ll learn:

  1. Where are you looking great, but not feeling great?
  2. How to observe when you are trying to fix or micromanage others AND how this is keeping you stuck emotionally, physically, and giving you lack of confidence.
  3. How to better manage your finances.  Your spending says a lot about you and how you feel about yourself.
  4. How to listen to your body and recognize anxiety triggers as just a fear that you see as a truth in your life.


You’ll get:

  • Four weeks of tools and guidance from me via email.
  • A weekly progress email exchange with me where you can share any questions or areas where you feel stuck, or just celebrate your success!
  • A 20 minute private call with me on week 5 to share success and get a plan for the future.


The price for this kind of work with me is valued at $599,

but you can get it for just



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With much love