Success Stories

Laura is a warm, intelligent, and inventive coach who’s especially good at taking people to new levels… I’ve benefited from Laura’s coaching, and I’m betting you will too.

Martha Beck, PhDAuthor of Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, and O! Magazine Monthly Columnist
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You held a safe place and were a skilled guide as you lead me into my body and emotions. You were brilliant in getting me in touch with my inner superpowers to shift an old message of shame out of my body back to its source. It definitely lightened my load and helped me feel more comfortable in my body.

Gail KennyTrinidad, CA

Laura was a gift from my daughter, literally. She thought the session would help me get through the barrage of interviews I had recently been on, but not getting the job. After years of therapy, books and groups she thought I would enjoy working with a coach that would provide a fresh perspective at self reflection. Though a bit reluctant I thought a life coach was worth a try. I thought one session would be enough and I would politely decline any further coaching. I felt I had done my emotional work and was dealing with my new life fairly well. What I learned during that first hour was that my mind was not “clean.” My own thoughts were preventing me from having the career I had worked so hard to acquire.

Thus the work with Laura started. What I learned in those 6 weeks is that I allow past behaviors to interfere with present actions. Therapy had helped me to understand my past but Laura helped me to make the most of my present. Session after session the scars of my past were becoming faint lines that now only serve as reminders of the lessons learned during those sessions. Laura has the uncanny ability to listen to your words and guide you to a new level of self awareness.

I find myself quoting her words as though they were my own thoughts and applying them to new experiences. I got cleaner with my thoughts which have manifested into cleaner actions. Which resulted in landing the job I had always wanted. Am I done? Not just yet! The onion is still being peeled as I continue to work with Laura. I’m just glad she’s cooking with me!!!

Elizabeth ReveizNY

I admit that I was apprehensive to work with a coach at first, but once we got started that apprehension went right away. I am reminded with every session as to how intuitive, genuine, and intelligent Laura is. She listens to me and offers constructive help through innovative tools. Everything she tells me makes sense and is like a light-bulb moment. I am always glad we have had our session – even when they are emotionally or mentally challenging. Laura has really helped me through one of the toughest times in my life – I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone of her caliber.

Melisa SharpeLos Angeles

Laura is a naturally insightful and intuitive coach. She seemed to effortlessly tune into my issues and quickly help me navigate my way through things that were previously difficult for me. She helped me prepare an action plan comprised of small steps to help me achieve my goals and it worked! Laura brings a strength and confidence to her sessions which foster a safe and supportive space for exploring the most sensitive issues. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about creating a happier life. She is a fabulous coach!

TheresaMesa, AZ

I’ve worked with Laura several times over the years on goal setting and not letting my fears and perfectionism get in my way.  Most recently she helped me get through all the stuff that was keeping me from acknowledging my true goal: having a book published before I turned 50. With Laura’s trademark combination of insight, humour kindness and sometimes toughness, I was able to beat my goal by 9 days. My novel, The Caregiver, was published in October 2014, and now I’m using the tools and techniques Laura taught me to make and keep to a marketing plan and work on my next book.


Amazing what coaching can actually do to the mind. I described the invigorating feeling to my husband as “felt like someone has come and cleaned our house.” Funny analogy, but it certainly felt like I cleaned up a bit of mental clutter, which leaves room for more positive thoughts, and takes away the pressure of instant gratification.

Erin PelhamOttawa