Make Your Goals From Who and What You Want To Be

We LOVE to make lots of lofty goals… and then crush ourselves in defeat the moment we think we aren’t meeting them.
It’s a vicious cycle, one that I constantly found myself repeating.
Until I figured out what was missing.
The problem wasn’t that I didn’t make the right kinds of goals or try hard enough to achieve them.
The reason my goals weren’t working was because I made them from who I was, not who I wanted to be.
I would make goals and then my inner critic would give me a thousand reasons why they couldn’t happen. Then I would spend a lot of time fighting my inner critic while at the same time doubting I could achieve the goal.
See the disconnect?
When I learned to envision WHO I wanted to be and exactly WHAT that looked like, I stopped struggling.
The inner critic can not compete with a vision. A vision gives form to your goal and when you see it, you believe in it.
Your inner critic tries to defeat you in the areas where you seem weak, it tries to distract you from the person you are trying to become.
Before achieving the goal, BECOME the person.
Then plan your steps to get to the goal.
Make it FREE and EASY.
There is more than enough time to reach it.
I believe in you :)
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