Do You Feel Included?

Even a strongly independent woman like myself has to admit that, I too, seek to be included.
It’s actually a very natural, instinctual state of being.
The problem is that being included doesn’t feel natural or very easy for some of us.
It could be our family of origin had patterns that made us feel alienated or it could be a product of a society that feeds on conflict (as we see in social media).
Whatever the cause is, not being included can have very detrimental affects on your well being.
How can we find inclusion?
It comes when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. When we take risks that are good for our soul, but are scary for our mind.
When we allow ourselves to be open to the need to be included it changes how we project ourselves in the world.
It no longer comes from a clingy place or its opposite, resistance.
It comes when we let go of the isolation and open up to being uncomfortable. 
That’s when people can finally see you. That’s when they can help you get your needs met.
You also have to be willing to ask. Yes asking the universe helps, but asking a real human being is way more effective :)
You may need help in learning how to ask.
That’s what I am here for:)