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Why Figuring It Out Yourself Is Never A Good Idea

Why Figuring It Out Yourself Is Never A Good Idea

I was at a get together with a group of women I know, it was a fun time with lots of laughing and food.


I was talking to a woman I adore about her kids. She was sharing that when it come to her kids (she has 5 of them), her philosophy is figure it out yourself. This was in reference to her 4 year old.
Let me first say I am not here to mommy bash, but probably the last thing a 4 year old can do is figure out a problem with her friend or sibling by herself. By nature, [...]


One Simple Step To Heal Stress Addiction

One Simple Step To Heal Stress Addiction

Are you feeling stressed? Who hasn’t?

It’s a natural part of life.

Where it becomes unnatural is when we pull our hair out in frustration trying to make things not stressful.

I did that very thing for so many years.

It went like this:

Stress happened.

I immediately tried to fix it. By fix it I mean dumped a million more things on my plate in an effort to “improve” myself or my situation.

And guess what that lead to?

More pressure, more stress, and an unhappy body.

I lived in a stress cycle. I was addicted the stress. I didn’t know there was another way.

Then I discovered this [...]


You Don’t Have To Share Your Story

You Don’t Have To Share Your Story

The more I go onto social media lately, the more stressed I feel.

I am hearing this over and over again from clients, friends, and I even think it at times myself.

I have been through a lot these last few years.

I’ve learned a lot, but seriously I have been in total life upheaval a few different times in a short period of time, not to mention some pretty serious medical issues along with the life upheaval.

Basically I have walked through the fire a dozen times now, made it through and was thinking lately that I should share what I’ve learned.

I know [...]


Get Rid Of Anxiety By Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style

Get Rid Of Anxiety By Understanding Your Natural Leadership Style

I spent a lifetime going against my nature.

I’ve also been the quiet yet strongly independent type.

I knew my true nature but spent a lot of time wondering what was “wrong” with me. I wanted to live my life my way and think the way I wanted to think, but I also wanted people to like me. I wouldn’t admit that I needed acknowledgment or support though.

Do you see the disconnect?

I wasn’t living in my true nature. I was forcing myself to be what I was not because I thought I needed the security of acceptance.

I forced myself in relationships, friendships [...]


Make Your Goals From Who and What You Want To Be

Make Your Goals From Who and What You Want To Be

We LOVE to make lots of lofty goals… and then crush ourselves in defeat the moment we think we aren’t meeting them.

It’s a vicious cycle, one that I constantly found myself repeating.

Until I figured out what was missing.

The problem wasn’t that I didn’t make the right kinds of goals or try hard enough to achieve them.

The reason my goals weren’t working was because I made them from who I was, not who I wanted to be.

I would make goals and then my inner critic would give me a thousand reasons why they couldn’t happen. Then I would spend a lot of [...]


Do You Feel Included?

Do You Feel Included?


Even a strongly independent woman like myself has to admit that, I too, seek to be included.

It’s actually a very natural, instinctual state of being.

The problem is that being included doesn’t feel natural or very easy for some of us.

It could be our family of origin had patterns that made us feel alienated or it could be a product of a society that feeds on conflict (as we see in social media).

Whatever the cause is, not being included can have very detrimental affects on your well being.

How can we find inclusion?

It comes when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. When [...]


Why I Used To Dread Weekends

Why I Used To Dread Weekends

I used to dread weekends. I know that sounds really weird

Let me explain.

I had a great life. A good job, hard working husband and a beautiful home.

Though I had all those great things in my life, my life was completely empty.

There were social events with people who judged and criticized, lots of errands and tv shows that had to be watched.

My life was void of any real connection with people. People were around me, but there was no real authenticity.

A lot of what was going on had to do directly with me, not other people. I was afraid [...]


What Is Courage?

What Is Courage?

How do you define courage?

Is it something only “strong” people do?

Do you use what you think is courage but don’t get the results you want?

Courage is something only YOU can define.

When you try to measure yourself by someone else’s definition of courage you will always fall short.

If you want to start on the courage path, start with something small.

What is one thing you’ve been trying to muster up the courage to do? Break it down in very small bits. Start at the first bit and keep moving forward.

The big jumps you see others taking usually come from lots of small [...]


Don’t Ever Force Yourself To Be Happy

Don’t Ever Force Yourself To Be Happy

How to be happy, get happy now, change your life through positive thinking,,,

the underlying message here is you are doing it wrong. Change it and you’ll feel better.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is we are human and we are going to feel lots of stuff.

Most of it probably won’t be good.

Despite of this you can still feel GOOD!!!

Stop fighting the thoughts, give them alternatives instead.

Example: “I don’t know why they don’t talk to me anymore, what’s wrong with me.”

Alternative: People can think and do whatever they want with their lives and it has nothing to do with [...]


It’s Not Your Intuition, It’s A Trigger (How To Lead and Not React)

It’s Not Your Intuition, It’s A Trigger (How To Lead and Not React)

What is the difference between a trigger and an intuitive hit?

I used to be told I was being triggered by things people said. But that wasn’t the truth, the truth was I was getting an intuitive hit about a person or a situation that wasn’t right for me.

It’s easy for someone to reference psychological theory to you and tell you that you are being triggered by your attachment to something.

Listen to your body.

The important thing to recognize is the art of discernment. Knowing how to discern what is coming from someone’s personal agenda or belief system and what is not.

You [...]