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Why I Used To Dread Weekends

Why I Used To Dread Weekends

I used to dread weekends. I know that sounds really weird

Let me explain.

I had a great life. A good job, hard working husband and a beautiful home.

Though I had all those great things in my life, my life was completely empty.

There were social events with people who judged and criticized, lots of errands and tv shows that had to be watched.

My life was void of any real connection with people. People were around me, but there was no real authenticity.

A lot of what was going on had to do directly with me, not other people. I was afraid [...]


Why Are You Hiding?

Why Are You Hiding?

I’ve been hiding most of my life.

I hid behind my marriage and perfect looking life. I hid by my ability to make sure I always said the right thing. I hid by not engaging in conflict when it was necessary because I didn’t want to look like the bad girl.

I hid behind books, isolation and other activities that would keep me away from people.

I never asked for help.

And honestly nobody thought I ever needed it.

I was so damn scared of being vulnerable I just pretended that I was OK all the time. My standard answer was I was “FINE”.

But [...]