My Story

Laura is a Wellness and Life Coach who educates and supports women who suffer from good girls syndrome by providing them with techniques to end self-sabotage and indecision so they can succeed in improving their relationships, careers, and lives. As a “Good Girl” for most of her life, she understands the emotional and physical impact that the pressure of being perfect and trying to do the right thing creates in your life. She enjoys helping people discover their own path to creating more freedom in their lives.

What inspired me to do this work:

Contrary to what people perceive upon meeting me, I did not have the typical suburban childhood. It was actually the opposite. I grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Philadelphia and attended Philadelphia public schools in the inner city. I was exposed to people from all walks of life and the city was my stomping ground as a teenager, which probably doesn’t seem very safe, but at the time it was great to have that kind of freedom.

Because of what I saw and experienced, I knew from a very young age I wanted a very different kind of life. I knew I would do what ever I could to succeed and constantly thought about what I could do to make sure I could take care of myself and live in a nice safe secure environment.

Though I was more of a creative type, I followed the safe route was a teacher for 11 years. Which in some ways fit me because I am a natural teacher and communicator, but in other ways stifled me. I was a total good girl. I worked really hard, paid off student loans quickly and saved a lot of money on a little salary.

Eventually I had my beautiful suburban home, a successful husband, traveled wherever I wanted and from the outside my life looked just wonderful. Problem was I was miserable. I had done a good job at doing all the right things and creating security and material success, but I wasn’t being my true self. Over the years this ate away at me physically and mentally.

I can’t say there was one huge turning point in my life, I just knew after years of being miserable I needed change. I’ve gone through life coach training since I was a natural coach in my teaching job and helping others was what came natural to me. After I set up my business and was having some success I quit my job to move into coaching full-time. Letting go of the security of that job opened up my life in many ways.

In the first year after starting my business, I got into a car. It was a very long recovery process and put a halt to all my plans of creating this perfect business and new life now that I had my freedom.

After going through all of that physical pain, I knew I had to let go of other things in my life. I decided to sell my home. It sold fast in just four days. Now I was on a new journey of exploring where I’d like to live. During that exploration process I knew there was more letting go I had to do in my personal life.

For me letting go of all of that certainty gave me the biggest life lessons. It taught me a resilience and confidence I never had before.

It wasn’t easy, but it’s taught me that I had to let go of the people pleasing, perfectionism, and self-sabotage that had been dictating my life all these years. Now I’m committed to helping women do the same. You don’t have to make huge life changes to create your new life, you just need to decide you are worth it and can do it. I am a here to help you on this journey.
Here’s the fun side:

I love to travel and warm is always better than cold for me.

The best part of my day is walking with my dog Aspen.

I hate cooking, but love good food. My Vitamix and Crockpot help me with this.

I love to dance… I’m in the process of slowly incorporating it back into my life and in my healing.

Not only did my new way of living help my IBS, my nagging allergies also began to lessen. Breathing out of your nose is so underrated :-)


The Professional Side:

Laura trained with Martha Beck, renowned author and columnist for O! Magazine. Laura is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach.

Laura completed additional training in the mind body connection and is an Endorsed Abigail Steidley Mind Body Coach. Abigail Steidley is a Master Certified Wellness Coach who is widely regarded for her work with mind body syndromes.

Laura is a faculty member of the Mind Body Coach University.

Laura was chosen to coach the winner of the O! magazine/IKEA life coaching project

Laura holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Education. She was an educator for 11 years.

Laura was a Career and Life Columnist for when it was an online finance magazine. Her articles have also appeared in