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Do You Feel Included?

Do You Feel Included?


Even a strongly independent woman like myself has to admit that, I too, seek to be included.

It’s actually a very natural, instinctual state of being.

The problem is that being included doesn’t feel natural or very easy for some of us.

It could be our family of origin had patterns that made us feel alienated or it could be a product of a society that feeds on conflict (as we see in social media).

Whatever the cause is, not being included can have very detrimental affects on your well being.

How can we find inclusion?

It comes when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. When [...]


She Asked Me Who My Friends Are

She Asked Me Who My Friends Are


As a life coach I am fully aware of what creates outcomes in our relationships, but I still get stuck at times. This very week I did exactly what I told you to do in last week’s newsletter. I opened up about an issue I was having regarding being vulnerable with a group of female friends.

But remember, it’s important to reach out to the right people.

I didn’t just pick any group, I was very specific. I knew these ladies were okay with vulnerability and were super supportive of one another. When I aired my concern about something I wanted [...]


When Surrendering is Not Your Thing

When Surrendering is Not Your Thing

I have a problem with surrendering. From my research I know the biggest step in giving up resistance is to surrender, but I’ve always been a rebel.

I can’t do it.

I’ve never been able to.

I’ve wanted to, but it doesn’t happen.

I fight it.

I think it’s the word. When I hear surrender, I see myself lying down on the ground white flag in hand. Lifeless.

And that doesn’t feel good to me.

When I envision it, it makes my mind and body want to jump up, go do, run, and be free.

It makes me want to “make something happen”.

Besides being a “doer”, I [...]