It’s Not Your Intuition, It’s A Trigger (How To Lead and Not React)

What is the difference between a trigger and an intuitive hit?
I used to be told I was being triggered by things people said. But that wasn’t the truth, the truth was I was getting an intuitive hit about a person or a situation that wasn’t right for me.
It’s easy for someone to reference psychological theory to you and tell you that you are being triggered by your attachment to something.
Listen to your body.
The important thing to recognize is the art of discernment. Knowing how to discern what is coming from someone’s personal agenda or belief system and what is not.
You are either:
A) Picking up that something is “off” in the form of an intuitive hit.
B) Something is striking against a misbelief you have about yourself and you are reacting to that.
Knowing the difference between these two things is crucial in developing your self leadership.
It’s the difference between leadership and reaction.
We react when something rubs up against something we have not resolved within ourselves. I would say that having a reaction is good, it’s telling you where your work is.
The self leadership piece is when we feel (intuitively) when something is coming from an inauthentic place. This feeling sets off our very natural need for safety.
Instead of arguing against this feeling calling it anxious thinking or disregarding the source, we can look at it as a clue to what we really need for ourselves. It is a trigger, but not a negative one. It’s a self awakening and that’s a beautiful thing.
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