Stop Trying To Please Dysfunctional People

Were you the good child?

Were you always trying to do the “right” thing so an parent (who was probably unstable emotionally) didn’t get upset?

Did you bully yourself into perfection? You didn’t need any bullies because you were always you worst self critic.

You probably isolated yourself a lot too, because it was easier than experiencing the tension that you felt from others. You may have been a tad bit shy, but most of your reserved nature came from uncertainty of your environment.

All this stuffed up emotion, is hurting you, even now as an adult.

It’s time to stop.

You have the right to be yourself.

You can be safe and speak your mind.

You can make mistakes… although I don’t think they are mistakes, they are a part of living and learning.

Mistakes help you grow and become strong.

Always remember that :)