5 Ways to Move from Wanting to Getting

Here’s a short and sweet list I shared with my e-zine readers on how to move away from struggle and towards joy.

1. Rest: The most important thing we can do to nourish our mind and body. However, many of us put it last on the list and squeeze in whatever amount of time meets our minimum requirements. Focus on getting as much rest as possible, you’ll see a shift in your energy and your thoughts about what you can accomplish.

2. Change Your Thinking: Instead of focusing on why you can’t do something, change the wording. Focus on how you can do it.

3. Create Habits: Identify what activities you need daily to live your optimal life. Create habits that incorporate these activities into your everyday routine.

4. Add Fun: Adding a fun activity to your daily routine, even if it is just 5 minutes, will enhance your mood and increase your energy level. Shifting into our right brain helps us release stress and tension, as well as promoting creativity. You need the creativity to help you devise a workable plan to get what you want.

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