Are You Engaging Enough?

Friends Photographing Themselves

Hello my friends and welcome to the New Year!

Many of the women I work with have it all together in terms of working, achieving things, family, etc. But there’s one thing that’s missing: they don’t feel engaged in their lives. Because they keep this having it all together facade, they very rarely reach out for help. They isolate themselves because they don’t know how to ask for help or who to ask for help.

I’ve fallen into this trap way too many times. My tendency was to withdraw from the world and figure it out myself.


I felt some kind of shame in asking for help.

Like it would mean I was weak or couldn’t take care of myself. Or sometimes I was just straight out embarrassed about what people may think of me if I told them what was really going on in my life.

This had lots of effects on my life, both mentally and physically. I suffered from anxiety and loneliness and it all stems from isolating myself from others. Isolation was my go to coping mechanism when it came to dealing with an issue.

But what I discovered was when I finally broke through that isolation and began to engage, everything got better.

I learned to trust people more. I learned to except help and love. I gained a new sense of faith and rely less on my fear. But most importantly I learned how to trust myself.

Engagement is a tool and it is a skill for many of us to learn.

I want to congratulate you because if you are reading this you are already using that skill, you are engaged in learning more about yourself and connecting with others!

So do it more, where else in your life can you engaged? Can you open up more freely to certain people in your life? Can you trust yourself to be more vulnerable? Play with these questions this month, and see how you you would feel most comfortable and inviting engagement into your life.

With much love,

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