Creating A New Career By Fighting Fear

     For months now I have noticed other bloggers and columnists writing about the horrible economic situation our country is facing. I have consciously avoided the topic, because frankly I was tired of hearing about it every time I turned on the TV and I figured my readers were as well.

     Then, last week I happened to be staying at a hotel and a USA Today was dropped outside my door. I went to the money section and at the bottom I saw this survey question: “Are you happy being an entrepreneur in the current difficult economic situation?” 88% of entrepreneurs responded that yes they were happy with their career choice despite economic conditions. Surprised? I actually was not. The lesson to be learned here is that staying in your cubicle or other unhappy work situation does not equal security or happiness. When you break out of the “fear” mode and venture out to create your own career security it gives you a higher level of confidence, you have created a mindset that can weather any storm.

     This is not to say that entrepreneurs and other successful people don’t have fears. Everyone does. But they have learned to work through them and at times use them to their advantage.

     So instead of holding on tight to your job because “it’s a job” and letting it paralyze your thoughts; imagine for a moment that it did go away. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be? It’s important to look at your worst case scenario and frame it as that “a worst case scenario”. Then you can learn from it. Holding on tightly to fears of losing your job immobilizes any action you might take. So look at the fear, see where it’s coming from and what it’s telling you. I have mentioned in previous posts about becoming clear on your vision for your future. Becoming clear about your fears and defining them will help you move past them. If you are not aware of the fear, you become stuck in it. We often look to find evidence that our fears are reality and take actions based on that. Look closely at the evidence you are using to build your fear based worse case scenario.

      Then create a Plan B. I’m not suggesting quitting your job immediately. I am suggesting taking small steps towards creating a side business or venture that may help you weather an economic storm. In time, it may become something much bigger and you may be one of the 88% of entrepreneurs who are happy right now. Taking action will give you a sense of power against the overwhelming fear that is gripping many people in this current economy.

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