Creating a Vision For A Successful Career

I’ve been blogging a lot about getting to know your strengths and weaknesses and starting to see how they are working for you in your current career and personal life. Hopefully, you have gained some insight into where your abilities can take you. Now, it’s time to evaluate your vision, and I don’t mean your eyesight. I was reminded of how vision helps people accomplish their goals when I watched a show I love that focuses on adventure sports like rock climbing, parachuting, and snowboarding. This particular episode showed a skier doing some kind of double, back flip twist over a high that looked so detailed I couldn’t even begin to explain it. The skier said that this complicated and risky stunt came to him in a “vision”. He was washing dishes and suddenly saw himself on the skies performing each move of the stunt and landing perfectly. Not only did he see it, he felt it in his body with a rush of adrenaline. He experienced it without actually doing it. Then when he was physically on the mountain and the time was right he performed the stunt and it was not only successful, but looked effortless. Though there was some fear involved on his part, his body and mind executed it perfectly because he had already experienced it.

     So how does this relate to us, the people behind the desk and computers who don’t take major physical risks for a living? Because vision is what you need to create the life you desire. You have to see, feel, and be your plan before it comes to life. Visualizing is a powerful technique in achieving your goals. The concept of visualizing will give you clues of what kind of life and career you are looking for.

     Take a few breaths and get in a comfortable spot. Think about what you would have in your life if you were able to create an “ideal” life. Focus on these concepts:

  • Where do you live?
  • Where do you work (at home, in an office, outdoors)?
  • Who do you work for?
  • How many hours a day do you work?
  • Do you travel for your job?
  • How much do you want to earn per year?
  • What do you want your financial portfolio to look like (retirement and savings)?
  • What do you want to do when you are not working?

     After you have a clear direction of what you want in your ideal life, start looking at how you are going to make that life a reality. What decisions or changes would you have to make in your life? Maybe you would decide to stay at your current job and save money to start your own business. Maybe you would go back to school to get a degree in another discipline. What temporary sacrifices would you be willing to make to achieve your ideal? Keep in mind that as you assess what you really want, your plan may change. Don’t get overwhelmed by the options life offers, refer back to your vision and see how new options fit into your plan; it may change many times along the way to attaining your goals. As long as you keep your vision clear and steady, you will be following the road to your ideal life.

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