Job Seekers: Where and How to Find Jobs

     There’s a lot of stress brewing in the job market. Are you just out of college and looking for a career? Have you recently lost your job and are thinking of what to do next? Instead of feeding into the fear that surrounds the current job market, create actions that will help you find jobs and develop a career plan.                   

     “Where do I start?” is the most common question I get from my clients? If you are just out of college or have been laid off from a field in which there may be no immediate opportunities, now is the time to explore your ideas. I know the feeling of “need to get a job now” seems most rational, but if you are jumping towards jobs in desperation they may be harder to get. Why? Because you haven’t taken time to explore the ideas you have about what you want to do with your life. All of the ideas may not be perfect or realistic for this present moment, but they are a guide to what jobs you tend towards, which will make the job selection process easier. Remember, just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing it for a living. In order to be successful you need combine your skills (what you’re good at) with something you actually have a passion for. Personally I am really good at advising, teaching, and helping people bridge the gap between what they want to achieve and what they perceive to be an obstacle. Fresh out of college I felt the need to get a job immediately and went into education. What did I learn after 11 years?  I was truly an excellent teacher, but I wasn’t using my abilities in a way that worked for me and what I felt passionate about. Take the time now to find what you are passionate about. How do you explore? Make lists of things you are interested in. Find people in those fields and see what they can tell you about the position. Volunteer or join social groups to interact with people and see what careers exist in your area.

     If you don’t have a lot of exploring time begin networking in your community and join business groups to see what opportunities exist. There are also many virtual resources like and Post a profile on LinkedIn and make connections with people in your career field. If you are not finding job leads, offer any services you may have to people within your community. I recently heard about community groups forming where people are offering services to one another and thereby creating freelance work by connecting with one another’s needs.

     Start looking at skills that you used in the past. Are there skills you have that can turn into temporary income? There are many things you can do on a freelance basis that can generate income such as website design, carpentry or construction skills, even organizational services. Keep your mind open and explore every option. This will keep your mind focused and help you get through the transition between employment.

 Laura Tirello is a Career and Life Coach. Her company, Core Life Design, works with people who are looking to find their highest potential both in their careers and personal lives. Are you looking for ways to turn your ideas into goals for 2010? I am offering a free teleclass on “The Idea Web: Choosing the Right Ideas for Your Success”. Email Laura at  to sign up or visit  for more information

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