Recognizing Your Purpose

I’ve been traveling for business this week and have reveling in the a-ha’s you get from spending time with other entrepreneurs! This week’s post is short and simple with a big tip on how to view your purpose.

I spent the last three days at a business conference focused on the notion of purpose. Many clients come to because they are uncomfortable in their job or other part of their life and think it is because they don’t know their purpose. What they do know is that just because you are good at something, all the trying in the world won’t make you love it.

What stuck out in the my mind was a discussion that evolved about purpose. More specifically, that you will not know your purpose immediately, it will begin with just a sense.

That’s the most difficult part, accepting that it is a process. You will not know it immediately, it will simply evolve. That’s not to say that it will evolve out of thin air with no effort on your part. You will have to evolve, taking steps into what delights you. As my mentor Christine Kane put it: “Taking action heals you”. Thinking alone can’t bring you what you most desire, you must be brave enough to take action. Once action is taken, you will be one step closer to your purpose.

Share your thoughts on purpose, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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