Scaling Back to Rev Up Your Career

    I know it’s a cliché, but your perception really is your reality. What would you be willing to do to achieve your goal? What would you be willing to give up? I was at a conference last weekend and heard a highly successful consultant and writer talking about her business plan. It wasn’t what you would expect from a person earning a six-figure salary working for some of the major companies in the U.S. and abroad.

      Why do I say that? She wanted to take a year off from consulting and care for her newborn and launch different areas of her business at the same time. Her plan began by taking a high paying consulting job for a year and saving as much money possible for her year off. She and her husband made the decision to scale back on some of their expenses, but still maintained their comfort level and felt good about their choice.

     From this good place, she worked on the new facets of her business and created a blog. This small blog became a large blog with tens of thousand of readers. From there major newspapers began contacting her for articles. Her client base and network continued to grow. After three years she was offered a book deal. Her book has been very successful, leading to workshops and seminars.

     So she actually scaled back her lifestyle and then built her business up in a new and exciting way. When I talk to some clients about creating a plan and the issue of scaling back comes up, they automatically go into fear mode, thinking they are trading comfort for scarcity. It is all about perception. If you value your goal and allow yourself the space to make it happen, the temporary scaling back is worth it.

     Some people believe you should put your nose to the grindstone and work 24 hours a day making a goal happen. That’s fine if it works for you. However, you can achieve your goals in other ways that may make you feel more empowered, full of energy, and inspired. Look at your goal and look at your finances, what are your possibilities? Keep in mind the changes you make are temporary and can lead you to a whole new level in your career. Something new could emerge that you might not have been aware of in your sleep deprived, non-stop working schedule. Take a breath and really see what your options really are.

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