Eat, Sleep, Read

I was walking around downtown Asheville, NC last week and noticed a bookstore with a sign that said, “Eat, Sleep, Read”. On the other side of the window there was a sign for the children’s section that said, “Snack, Sleep, Read”. I found myself immediately attracted to both of these ideas. It got me thinking about how a lot of us adults live a life of tight schedules and don’t create the time for such a simple thing.

It’s funny when you think about it, because as a young child that is really what your life consisted of. Don’t you notice that kids have the best imaginations? They are full of fun and creativity. They know exactly what they want to do at every moment and absolutely everything is exciting. The reason they can experience life so fully is because they often have days full of nothing but snacking, sleeping, and reading. This allows them to be fully aware, energized and engaged in life.


When was the last time you felt that way?

For many of my clients it has been a long time. And even though they are beginning to create a path of change and understand the value of self development in their lives, they never make the time to do something as simple as eat, sleep, read (feel free to insert your favorite activity here). When I ask them why, I notice the response is always the same: when could I fit that in? We make it way too hard. Our minds immediately go to what won’t get done if we actually took the time to do nothing but eat, sleep, and read. We try so hard to get everything done just right, that we shortchange our bodies in the process.

Our bodies and minds are craving that unscheduled free time, just like kids think recess is the most important time of the day. Many of my clients give themselves so little unscheduled time that their bodies are telling them physically in the form of stomach issues or other physical pain.

Even if you are not feeling it physically, your mind is craving a break. All of that nonstop doing turns your brain to mush. Does the word autopilot resonate with you? It becomes near impossible to focus fully at work, create a new career path, or doing anything that requires a fully engaged mind when you don’t allow yourself that time to refuel.

I am fully aware that you may have a job, kids, and responsibilities. However, I am fully confident in the fact that if you give yourself one day to do nothing but snack sleep and read (or insert your fun activity) you will feel refreshed and the clarity you are seeking will make an appearance naturally.

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