The Power of Gratitude


Whether you are having a challenging day, month or year the quickest and most effective way to feel more lightness in your life is to focus on gratitude. Being grateful isn’t hard, when you allow yourself to be filled with joy over even the smallest of things. I find it helpful to make two lists big and small. And no matter how small it is, it still counts!


My Gratitude List


Big Stuff:


My husband, my dog Aspen, family and friends.


All of my clients and readers of my blog.


My health.


My home.



Small Stuff:


Morning walks with the dog.


Slipping into bed with a good book.


My husband making dinner.


Finding just the right nail polish color.


Smile from a stranger.


Knowing that the answer may not be in front of me but it’s very close.


Staying in the moment.


Long showers.


Music of any kind.


Dancing with my dog.


Finding an amazing piece of art.


Hot cup of tea.


Super warm blanket.

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