Getting Clear on Your Career Purpose

You can change your life fairly quickly by using a new approaches and changing your patterns. However, change is difficult. Many people claim to have the burning desire to change their job, career, and life. They become so desperate for change that they give up in frustration when it doesn’t happen right away.

I realized recently that change doesn’t happen until you are ready for it. How do you become ready for change? You align yourself in mind, body, and spirit with what you want. This became crystal clear to me when I picked up a book I was given 15 years ago. I was twenty years old and just embarking on developing a career path. I always knew I wanted to write. I got into a conversation with an employee at a book store. He handed me a book called “If You Want to Write” by Barbara Ueland; insisting it was the book to read if you wanted to write and be creative. I purchased it, looked at it a few times but never read it. I mean who really has the time, right?

It finally jumped from my shelf into my hands a few weeks ago. Reading it I am seeing how clearly it fits my career path and compliments what I believe in. Basically it was what I could have used all along. So why did I never pick it up? Because I was not aligned with my purpose. I was busy running after every idea that seemed “right” and logical in the eyes of the world, but I was never aligned with what I was pursuing. In simple terms, I was disconnected from my purpose and not ready for the changes that would allow the space to be connected. I was looking for change so hard, that I created a lot of frustration and pain for myself, instead of realizing I wasn’t quite ready and needed to be comfortable with that. What’s different now? I am completely connected to what my mission is and who I am in the world. 

For those of you who are looking for ways to become aligned with their purpose, here are some tips:

  • Be Kind to Yourself: Give yourself the gift of patience in trying to move ahead.
  • Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: You and your social network may be uncomfortable with the changes you make, accept uncomfortability as part of the process
  • Be Open to the Voice in your head that tells you what feels right to you
  • Change is Constant: It may feel like changes aren’t happening at all. If you open yourself up to the smallest of changes, you will see that changes will happen faster. The key is allowing the space for them to emerge without labeling them fast or slow, right or wrong.

In the current economic mood of the nation, it may seem difficult to be slow down and become comfortable with the change. People are grappling with feelings of fear and scarcity and feel like they have to make things happen. Consider what I’ve mentioned in the past; when you walk in for a job interview who is the employer more likely to hire: the frazzled, desperate sounding applicant who will take any job or the confident applicant who is aligned with who they are and what they can offer to the company.

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