Simple Success Formula: Give Yourself Permission

I often get e-mails from readers who want advice on how to get motivated and move forward in their careers despite the nagging fear that follows them in every endeavor. It’s as if we believe that a magic wand can fix our circumstance and suddenly experience success with little thought or effort. Though I am a believer in serendipity, creating success in your life doesn’t happen with a quick twist of the hand, it actually does take effort.

 Before you get worried that I am going to give something else to add to your to-do list, take a moment and pause. How many times do you tell your self that you have to work really hard on something to get a positive result? How many times do you tell yourself that things have to be done a certain way in order for you to succeed? These thoughts are preventing you from moving forward with your dreams and goals. They are getting in the way of creating the success that you want.

    So what’s the solution? Step out of your own way and give yourself permission. Here’s how:

  • Allow yourself to take breaks throughout the day. Allow yourself to take a weekend off. Do these things without the guilt of feeling like you have to put every second of every day into your goal or you will fail


  • Give yourself permission to try new things. Release your inner perfectionist and take a risk. There are few entrepreneurs who hit success on their very first try. What distinguishes successful people is their ability to try new things over and over again. It is sometimes the 14th try, not the first that is the most successful.


  • Give yourself permission to do it your way. There is no simple clear cut formula to success. Each person has their own unique way of developing the idea and plan that will lead to their success. Embrace what works for you; let go of pre-conceived notions of the right way.


  • Allow others to help you along the way. When we are working intensely on a project, we can sometimes miss the key ingredient that puts the recipe together. Having a second eye, be it a coach, mentor or friend, can help you see the whole picture.

     And finally, have fun! Part of the joy in being successful is the fun you have in the journey to success.

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