What's Your Body Got To Do With It?

In his book “The Tipping Point”, Malcolm Gladwell states that we make snap judgments all the time and generally are right on with our first instinct, which we then ignore. These judgments come from our mind, but our instinct is working from our body’s reaction to a certain situation, person, or environment. Most of the time we are not conscious of the fact that it is happening at all. If you can learn to tap into the instinct part that is making a decision for you, this is the first key to success in your career or business. To do this you have to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Sound a little too strange? Not really when you consider how many people quote their gut instinct as how they were able to find a career they love, start a successful business, or find their soul mate.

If they can do it, so can you. It’s simply a skill that can be cultivated. You may hear some experts state that it ‘s about having the right mindset. You could spend forever working on each and every thought to create the perfect mindset, but the real problem lies in being disconnected with your body. In this society we are taught to essentially ignore any feeling or emotion and just focus on the facts. The disconnect lies in the fact that your desires, passion and innate strengths all lie in your body and they are activated by feelings and emotions. When you ignore them, you are disregarding your instinct. Instinct doesn’t think about it, it just knows.

How exactly does this relate to finding a career you enjoy, starting a new venture, or just learning to get ahead in the job you’re in? Here’s how: The energy you carry in your body influences everyone and everything around you. If you are not clear on how you feel in certain situations and environments, you project this uncertainty. It’s difficult to get ahead, be brave, or just be content when you are living in uncertainty. But your body is not uncertain; it knows exactly what the perfect scenario is for you. It knows when something is not right for you. Ignoring it stops you from recognizing your next best step.

Want to learn how to follow your instinct. Here are some ways:

1)  A few times a day ask yourself how you are feeling. Do a scan of your body. Does it seem tense? Where? Is it only in certain situations? Try to keep note the where and when.

2)  Notice when you are totally engaged and filled with excitement. What does that feel like in your body? Remember this sensation. This is your body’s way of telling you something is right for you. It will feel light, free, and you will be energized.

3)  When meeting a company for an interview, walking to a boardroom to propose an idea, or trying to figure classes you want to explore: stop and notice what your body is telling you. It doesn’t mean you drop everything and run when something doesn’t seem right, it means that you become aware. Then your instinct will kick in and lead you to the next right step without the wavering indecision created by our over working influenced minds.

For myself, I knew the moment I walked into my first job that it was wrong for me. I was tense, beyond nervous, and felt like I had entered a foreign world. I ignored it and pressed on. Though I was successful, I endured years of needless stress and dissatisfaction. It seems so normal to just “suck it up” to nothing being perfect and press on. However, the toll that dismissing our true path takes on our bodies and mind is huge. Leaving or changing your career may seem like a big step, so start small by listening to the hints your body is giving you at every moment.

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