Your Job and Your Dreams

I hear way too many of my clients berating themselves about the career they’ve chosen. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re making six figures or that they’re making a huge contribution to someone’s life. All they feel is crappy about it, all the time.

It may sound a little odd at first. Their jobs often fit their need for security, salary, and sick benefits. For some, it even fits the big S need: status. Basically their jobs give them what they “need”, so “why should I be complaining” many of them say.

That’s easy… because they’re not living their dreams.

They think that they have to choose between their job and their dream.

They feel that somehow, somewhere, they have done something very wrong. They believe that must be true or they wouldn’t be so unhappy in such a “practical” situation.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is many of us choose jobs or careers from the person we are at that point in our lives. You could be 22 with tons of student loans and feel that you need to take something reasonable that paid a decent salary right away. You may be born and breed to work for your family business so it seemed liked the most logical choice. You could have been young, carefree, and full of life, but with absolutely no clue of what to do. So you took a job to quiet your own insecurity and the loud voices of family members and friends.

No matter what you decided to do, there never was a wrong decision. You did what felt right at the time for what you needed at the time.

Maya Angelou once said “You did then what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better.”

Blaming and criticizing yourself about choices from your past will get you nowhere when it comes to living in your dream. In fact, it will block you from even seeing where that dream can happen in your life.

Your dream requires you to be present, right now.

The way you can introduce your dream back into your life is through awareness and acceptance. Becoming aware of where your patterns come from and how they affect both mind and body can help you release the resistance you’ve created between your job and your dream. When you clear out the accumulated stress your body goes back to the way it was supposed to function and your mind is clear.

Accepting the choices you’ve made (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and loving yourself anyway brings your dream that much closer.

It’s not your job or your dream. You can have both. Maybe not this second, but the opportunity is always there to get started. It’s about re-learning how to be who you are in your current job and building a bridge to who you want to become. Once the path is cleared, you’ll move forward step by step by step.

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One Comment on Your Job and Your Dreams

  1. Great post, Laura. Being gentle with Self is usually the best approach to self-acceptance, and ultimately, growth.

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