Are You Too Stubborn to Get Well?


I had the pleasure of spending time with some good friends this weekend. They’re great people, generous and very happy for the most part. Except when it comes to pain. I’ve known for quite some time that my friend’s husband has back pain, really bad back pain. He’s been to some doctors and they prescribed the general things like physical therapy and medication. He’s tried acupuncture and chiropractor, but he still has no relief. He thinks he’s heard it all and tried it all and has given up. He spends his days in pain and popping ibuprofen.


I know what it’s like to be in pain. Besides my IBS pain. I had the misfortune of being injured in both arms. It wasn’t the goes away in a few months type pain, it was the hard to diagnose really impacts your life type of pain. I spent over a year trying to get better only to find myself getting worse. After demanding more than my doctors could give me, I was finally referred to the right doctor who showed me the way to heal myself properly.


The difference between my friend and I, is that I refused to give up. I refused to accept that I couldn’t get well again.


I’m still in the healing process and have pain, but I don’t let it bring me down. Because I believe I can get well again. That belief fuels my inner fire and gives me the self-power to live my life without fear and without the resignation that comes with giving up.


When I first saw the doctor who began me on the proper road to healing, the first thing he said to me is your fighter. You have to be because anybody who’s been through what you’ve been through and stayed sane it’s because they’re tough and have a determination to get well.


Now I realize that’s the attitude I’ve taken towards many things in my life. Before I was injured I had already been working through my IBS issues. I had successfully turned my IBS-C around for the most part and was trying to figure out ways to get my digestion working better since I still suffered from acid reflux and was sensitive to many foods.


But half way was not good enough for me. I knew I wanted as much relief as I could get.


Being in physical pain taught me so much more about my body and the decision to do whatever I could to heal myself. So having that mindset and going through the process actually helped me discover more ways to help my body overcome IBS. I wouldn’t give up, I read as much as I could about eating and diets, I talked to a lot of people and actually tried some of the things they recommended. Because in my mind it’s worth a try, because living my life with freedom and joy is so much more important to me.


In my work in the IBS world I see so many similarities in the way that people talk about their IBS with the way my friend treats his pain. It’s a focus in their life, but they have given up trying to get well. The pain and discomfort and occasional rejection by doctors has turned into stubbornness. So they just stay exactly where they are, stuck in the pain, but afraid to move forward. And I’m not criticizing them, it is a big hill to climb. But what you learn on the way up changes your entire being and in return your health improves. It’s all about taking those first steps in trusting that you can get better. Really it’s about trusting yourself.


I know you can do it. Part of being strong and fighting for your health is having a positive stubbornness about you. That you won’t stop until you have what you want in your life. So embrace that part of you and make it work for you as you make the decision that you can change your life, your future, and your health.


I’d love to hear how you’re going to do this in 2014, please share below !

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