How To Get The Answers

Everyone is looking for the answer.


They want to know the best way to get a healthier body, a better mindset, a relationship, or a new job.


They believe the answer is eluding them somehow. They should know it by now.


That’s when I tell them: they do.


It’s in their body. It’s in all our bodies. We all have it in equal measure. It is our inner voice, our intuition, and our inner wisdom. Call it what you like: it’s a part of us that’s always there waiting to be listened to.


When I tell my clients that all they need to do is listen to their bodies their first question is: “how long do you do meditate?” And then “you mean like yoga?” comes in a close second.


It seems that there is an idea floating around that meditation and yoga are the only ways to access our inner wisdom.


They are often surprised when I tell them that I don’t do conventional meditation and when I do get still it’s only for around 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Sure at first when I read a vast array of articles that prove the positive effects of meditation and yoga I thought it was a great idea. And I was getting good benefits from it. But at some point it felt like I was forcing myself to do it.  A few years ago I made the decision to trust what my body was telling me.


I didn’t stop doing meditation and yoga cold turkey; I just decided to do it my own way.  I put it when in my weekly schedule without a time limit and it gets done. What inspires me to keep doing it each week is I put no time restrictions on it or rules around it. I do it my way for however long or short I feel like it.


And it’s not the only way…


On some days exercise does the trick. Other days it is just spending time with images. It’s really about making the time be what I want it to be.


Not only does this help me relax my body, it makes me feel completely free. And in that freedom the “answers” come.


You can’t force clarity. You can’t force yourself into health. You can’t force yourself into a new career tomorrow.


The less you force, the more you hear.  Trust in yourself that you know exactly what you need and you’ll find the answers.

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