It’s Okay To Want To Just Feel Good

Young woman watching airplane fly by from tropical beach --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

After signing up to work with me, a female client quietly whispered:  “Is it OK if I don’t want to do something really big in my career?  What I don’t want to move up to Director or something like that?  Is it OK if my only goal is to feel good?”

This is where some coaches fail with their clients.

In the personal development world we see all these quotes and blog posts about how we need to be getting better, bigger, and letting go of anything were afraid of.  If we don’t, we’re just living in fear.

The fact is I don’t think everybody needs to become a Director  or start a business to lead a happy life.  Some people really do need to just learn how to feel good  doing what they have  done every day for years.

And that’s OKAY.

Too many women have been following this “Try hard, do better”  good girl way of life and it’s doing nothing for them.

In fact, it’s invaluable skill to know how to feel good regardless of  what circumstances are in the moment.

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